Occurrence of High Body Temperature

A high body temperature for adults generally signifies that something is wrong. The blood vessels begin to widen in the body in order that the heat can be carried to the surface of the skin. Adults will probably sweat to bring down the heat.

There are many places on the body from which a body temperature can be read with a thermometer. The most common areas are the mouth, armpit, rectum, and ear. The most accurate reading is from the rectum. When adults feel overheated, they will generally ask someone to check their foreheads to see if they appear warm.

Body temperature ranges from between 97.6 to 99.6 degree Fahrenheit. It can range even higher or lower depending on daily activities.

In adults, indications of a fever depend upon where the temperature is being read. A temperature from the mouth will read 100.4 degrees or higher, and from the ear or rectum a temperature of 100 degrees or more.